Mandatory Sections

The following is an integral part of the constitution and should be included without any modification in student organization’s proposed constitution:

  • The organization shall adhere to all policies and regulations of PMU.”
  • “The Organization fund raising activities shall be carried out in accordance with the rules and policies of the Division of Student Affairs.”
  • “At the end of each spring semester, the organization shall provide the Campus Life Department with a financial statement. This shall include monies received and paid.
  • The University reserves the right to audit business and financial records of campus organizations.”
  • “The Student Organization will not tolerate any activities that cause mental or physical stress to its members, the student body or any PMU constituents. It will not use any technique to hinder or destroy individual’s critical thinking capabilities.”
  • “The Organization shall not deny membership on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, identity or disability.”
  • “The release of indemnity statement: All and every member of the student organization hereby discharges PMU, its employees and representatives from all claims, demands, costs, in respect to any damage to persons or property connected to their participation in the events organized or conducted by the Club/Society and sponsored by PMU, whether at its facilities or not.”
  • All and every member of the student organization also agrees to hold harmless the student organization (club or society) and PMU, its employees and representatives, from all claims connected with their participation in the activities of the student organization.”
  • “Any amendments to this constitution shall be submitted to the PMU Campus Life Department for final approval.”
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