Fundraising Guidelines and Procedures

Fundraising Guidelines and Procedures for Student Organizations:

  1. Applications for fundraising must be submitted and approved by the Dean of Students or his designee.  All requests must be submitted at least one week in advance.
  2. An explicit statement as to the purpose(s) of the fundraiser must be open and visible to the contributor at the time of solicitation or concession.
  3. Non-registered groups, including charitable organizations, will not be permitted to sell or solicit on campus unless such organization offers a program/benefit, which is deemed appropriate by the Dean of Student Affairs or his designee. Nevertheless, non-registered groups should obtain sponsorship of a registered organization. In the case of a fundraising activity, the sponsoring campus group must receive at least 15% of the gross sales.
  4. Registered organizations with a continuing program of fundraisers will be limited to two (2) days per semester for such activities.
  5. Permission will not be granted to sell merchandise in University facilities, which is offered for sale in the University Book Store or Cafeteria (with the exception of bake sale).  Non-registered organizations, including charitable organizations, offering a specific program under the auspices of a recognized campus group, must obtain facility utilization approval independent of requesting permission for solicitation or a concession.
    Raffles or games, in which prizes are awarded based solely on chance, is strictly prohibited on PMU campus.  If there is a proposed event that is questionable, the Dean of Student Affairs will determine if the requested activity is a game of chance and will outline the conditions under which the activity must be conducted.
  6. All funds must be collected and accounted for by the registered organization and a summary statement with complete financial information is to be submitted to the Dean of Student through Campus Life Staff.  Organizations will be held responsible for allocating funds as stated in their request to solicit.
  7. Athletic events, theater and movie series and any other concessions or events sponsored directly by PMU and its departments or divisions constitute University sponsored events and are subject to fiscal and auditing controls.
  8. Students are not permitted to use the housing facility for fundraising unless explicit approval is obtained from the Dean of Students or his designee.
  9. Concessions and solicitations are limited to the following campus locations and cannot be conducted elsewhere except as expressly approved by the Dean  of Students:
    1. The main campus Atriums and lounge areas, but never in classrooms or hallways
    2. Student Housing
    3. PMU Sports Complex
    4. PMU Parking Areas
    5. Common areas within the PMU English Language Institute
  10. Revocation of concession or solicitation privileges may occur for any organization whose representatives do not follow established policies and procedures.
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