Criteria for Declining a Student Organization

Criteria for declining a student organization include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Duplication of function of an existing organization
  2. Lack of definite long term purpose, and objectives
  3. Lack of clear conformity to the standards of the University.
  4. An organization whose activities result in mental stress, techniques that will influence or destroy members’ critical thinking abilities or encouraging extremism in any form.
  5. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
  6. The Department of Campus Life shall either recommend granting approval or denying approval, based on the criteria listed above:
    1. Upon receiving the Student Organization Proposal, the Department of Campus Life staff send the recommendation to the Director of Campus Life who will compile a list of proposed clubs to the Dean of Students;
    2. If approved by the Director of Campus Life in consultation with the Dean of Students, the Director sends the decision to the Department of Campus Life;
    3. The Department of Campus Life sends copies of approval letter and constitution to the organization and the advisor;
    4. The approved organization may then schedule activities according to guidelines described in PMU policies.
    5. Upon certification, the student organization is required to make a budget plan accommodating events, activities and publications within the budget allocation communicated to them by the Department of Campus Life.
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