• Club and Organizations
  • Club and Organizations
  • Club and Organizations
  • Club and Organizations
  • Club and Organizations
  • Club and Organizations

Club and Organizations

Campus Life is committed to supporting the student learning experience in the university. Students working with the Campus Life Events develop the following learning objectives:

Strategic Directions

Students working with Campus Life will gain knowledge of:

Leadership Development.

  • Pay attention to individual roles and responsibilities as a student leader.
  • Make achievable goals. .
  • Delegate responsibilities in a balanced manner.
  • Evaluate all events/projects impartially.

Communication & Collaboration

  • Communicate professionally through verbal and non-verbal communication in all environments and all situations
  • Speak in clearly as to delegate work
  • Work effectively with others to organize events


  • Develop programs to support community, social, economic, and educational development.
  • Encourage and promote the society, which we are a part of.
  • Create programs educate the students about diversity, cultural differences, and globalization.


  • Identify all aspects of planning a program/event.
  •  Maintain accurate program records and information through documentation and filing system.

Personal & Professional Development

  • Work on personal skills/abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  •  Balance commitments in a responsible manner (i.e. academic work, extra-curricular activities, personal time, etc.) and assess
  • Time management skills.
  • Maintain personal health and wellness in stressful environments.
  • Reflect on how personal experience influences professional decision-making.
  • Analyze personal development, professional development and learning.
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