The Student Council consists of a General Cabinet and Colleges Representatives.

Section I- The General Cabinet

  1. The General Cabinet consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Information Technology Specialist and a Special Officer (usually nominated based on need and the Cabinet’s program/campaign).
  2. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President and the Secretary.
  3. Council members work on implementing the program(s) they were entrusted with and elected for. The Council will strive to facilitate and improve communication channels with the student body at large. It will assist in disseminating information on campus and orienting students (new and returning), on existing and new university policies. The Council will seek efficient ways to increase student involvement in campus life events and activities and will play a central role in representing PMU's student population internally and in the community.

PositionDuties/ Responsibilities
  1. To ensure and oversee the implementation of programs she/he was elected for;
  2. To call for meetings and General Assemblies;
  3. To report repeated or consecutive absences of members from meetings as well as disruptive attitudes, behaviors and actions in meetings, events and activities on and off campus;
  4. To participate in the planning and implementation of Annual Student Satisfaction Surveys;
  5. To contribute along with other members to the planning of campus activities and events;
  6. To inform the Vice President in advance of her/his absence from a meeting;
  7. To prepare in coordination with the secretary, the agenda of the following meeting;
  8. To sign jointly with the Treasurer requests to withdraw money from the Council’s account and provide reports to justify expenditures;
  9. To take responsibility of all actions and/or activities that violate the university rules and regulations;
  10. To report officially at the end of each semester, the achievements of the Council to the Department of Campus Life;
  11. To officially present a plan of action at the beginning of each semester.
Vice President
  1. To assume the duties of the president in her/his absence or incapacity as Acting President until he/she is able to resume his/her position. Otherwise, the VP shall remain as Acting President until the end of the Cabinet's Term in office;
  2. To hold joint responsibility, of the Council's efficiency in implementing its program and meeting students' expectations, along with the President;
  3. To assume responsibility of submitting an inventory report once a semester to both the Student Council and the Department of Campus Life;
  4. To record meeting minutes in the Secretary's absence.
  1. To co-sign all financial reports, budgets, transactions and funding requests with the President;
  2. To hold joint responsibility regarding the Council’s budget, assets and expenditures along with the President;
  3. To make sure all expenditures are in accordance with the approved budget;
  4. To submit regular budget reports, and avail such reports and information at any point of the semester or upon request to the Department of Campus Life;
  5. To provide the Campus Life Department with upcoming spending plans at the beginning of every semester;
  6. To ensure the Council is financially sound and ready for auditing at any point throughout the semester;
  7. To face personal responsibility for unaccounted expenditure incurred by the Council.
  1. To keep all meeting minutes of the Council;
  2. To send copies of all minutes to the Campus Life department and make them available to all clubs/society members, and the student body at large in a timely manner;
  3. To record attendance of all members and send copies to the Campus Life Department;
  4. To send notices of meetings to all members, and prepare meeting agendas;
  5. To maintain records and archives including but not limited to all proposals, reports, official letters, photos, memorabilia and e-mail printouts;
  6. To ensure that the Council is in line with the Student Code of Conduct.
IT Specialist
  1. To maintain the Council’s webpage (including all official documents, meeting minutes and recent news that should appear on said page);
  2. To act as a source of assistance as deemed necessary for the proper function of the Council;
  3. To advise the Council on issues of technological importance.
PR Officer
  1. To facilitate communication between the Council, the Student body
  2. To liaise with the community;
  3. To open new communication channels with the student body and the community;
  4. To regularly write the Council’s news and avail them for web posting;
  5. To be in charge of the Council’s column in the Student Newsletter.
Special Member:
  1.  To support the Council’s program through any necessary means.

Section II- College Representatives Board:

  1. The College Representative Board consists of four representatives: The College of Business Representative, the College of Information Technology Representative, the College of Engineering Representative and the Preparatory Program Representative.
  2. The duties of the College Representative are as follows:
    1. To act as a liaison between his/her respective college and the General Cabinet; officially expressing concerns and representing ideas of  students from her/his college;
    2. To hold a "Student College Meeting" twice a semester, reporting outcomes to the General Cabinet;
    3. To inform the Vice President of her/his "Student College Meeting" dates;
    4. To advice the General Cabinet on issues related to her/his college;
    5. To inform students of her/his college of any Council developments related to them;
    6. To plan and communicate events/activities for their respective colleges.
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