1. The call for elections shall be announced in writing to all PMU qualified candidates wishing to run at least ten days prior to the date of elections, and shall indicate the place, date and time of elections.
  2. The Electoral Committee must publicize (after approval is granted by the Department of Campus Life) the list of candidates running for office at least 15 days prior to elections and in alphabetical order.
  3. Once the deadline for application is passed, the Electoral Committee will review and assess candidate’s applications.
  4. The Department of Campus Life will design the voting ballot and ensure it is run properly on ‘Banner’. Candidates’ names will appear in alphabetical order on the ballot.
  5. Elections shall be held by secret ballot within a "common area" on- campus.
  6. Any member may run and be re-elected either to the same office or to any other office, for a maximum of one year in total. However it can be extended to one extra semester if the need is justified. A written petition to the Director of Student Affairs is then requested.
  7. Candidate elections shall take place during the second quarter of the academic year. Elected posts shall be for "Council Member" (unidentified post) and College Representative.
  8. Students eligible for election are active (not dismissed) registered college students: freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior.
  9. Candidates running for elected posts shall have a campaign representative of their choosing attending the ballot on-site as a supervisory presence.
    1. The campaign representative will not have the right to communicate with students voting on the elections site and will not perform any act to affect or influence the electors in any way.
    2. Any representative caught trying to do so will be suspended from the elections and from the post she/he is running for, and the incident will be recorded in her/his student conduct file.
  10. The Electoral Committee must ensure that details of the election – including date, duration, place and guidelines- are made public; allowing students a fair amount of time and a safe environment in which they can cast their votes.
  11. Each student can only vote once and for one candidate only to enter the cabinet. Should more than one person be voted for, the vote will count as zero.
  12. Students cannot vote on behalf of their peers
  13. Elections should be monitored by the Department of Campus Life. A step-by-step report of the election process should be compiled and signed by staff members in attendance.
  14. Results are made public by compiling a list of the candidates most voted for -based on the number of votes cast in their favor- according to the ballot on “Banner”.
  15. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be inserted into the office he/she is running for.
  16. The Council’s duration in office (one year) will begin after the “Passing of the Torch Ceremony” held by the Department of Campus Life at the end of the second quarter.
  17. The Council must vote to place members into specific positions within the Council during their first official meeting.
  18. Election results, reports and all other material compiled throughout the election period must be handed over to the Director of Student Affairs for final approval.
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