1. The Student Council shall meet at announced, regularly scheduled intervals to discuss plans and review progress of programs under way. The President is responsible for reminding members of the aforementioned meetings.
  2. Meeting quorum is set at two third (2/3) of the members with the necessity of the attendance of at least two of the three members of the Executive Board as well as one college representative.
  3. Decisions of the council are made final by way of votes. Should there be a tie, the side that supports the President’s vote is considered the winning one.
  4. A General Assembly should be held at least once during each academic semester.
  5. The General Assembly should be scheduled, announced and open to the student population.
  6. Minutes of all meetings must be submitted to the Campus Life Department within three days from the last meeting held.
  7. If a member is unable to attend a scheduled meeting, she/he must notify the Secretary in writing, 24 hours in advance, in order to be excused.
  8. Any member that fails to attend three meetings in a row without a viable excuse is considered resigned.
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