Section I- The Campaigning Process:

  1. Candidates running for elected posts shall have the right to organize their electoral campaign. Candidates shall have the freedom to decide on their campaign message and its elements.
    1. Stage 1: The program, preliminary plan of action and campaign elements will be reviewed and assessed by the Electoral Committee.
    2. Stage 2: Each candidate will deliver a speech (in English) to publicly convey her/his message to the student body- also being assessed by the Electoral Committee.
    3. Stage 3: Candidates will debate a topic selected from a pre-determined list -chosen by the Electoral Committee. This step is the last to be assessed by the electoral committee, who will communicate the candidates’ scores to the Department of Campus Life.
    4. Scores will be made public but will not affect the election results in any way; they are only meant to give another perspective to the electors outside the friendship and social connections circle.

Section II- Campaigning Guidelines:

  1. During their campaigns, candidates must strictly observe PMU's policy regarding the posting of promotional materials.
  2. All campaign materials shall be approved by the Department of Campus Life before they are made public -within- one (1) week prior to the end of the elections period.
  3. Candidates in violation of this policy may be suspended from the elections by the Director of Student Affairs and/or his designee.
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