1. Should the President's position become open, the order of succession shall follow the order of seniority: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, IT Specialist, PR Officer, Special Member and College Representative.
  2. Should any post in the Council become vacant, the vacancy will be announced to the student body. Only Council members will be eligible to vote for candidates running for a specific position.
  3. Should the Student Council not find a replacement in due time, the Department of Campus Life holds the right to place a qualified member of their choosing into cabinet. The elected member will hold his/her position for the remainder of the Cabinet’s time in office.
  4. Should the post of a College Representative become vacant throughout the academic year, the candidate with the second highest votes from the initial elections will be appointed in his/her place. Otherwise new college elections will be announced, or the concerned college will appoint a temporary replacement. This will be jointly decided by the College and the Division of Student Affairs.
  5. In the event of a vacancy, it is mandatory for any member who currently holds a student council position and is elected to another, to forfeit his or her original position.
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