How to initiate a club: 10 Steps

  1. Chose the name, vision, mission or a realistic idea
  2. Prepare a plan of activities that will give benefits to students
  3. Find an advisor among Core Faculty and 10 students who:
    1. Share with you your vision
    2. Would be committed to give you support
    3. Can afford some free time
  4. Visit Campus Life (Office G-062), suggest and discuss your vision to get a preliminary approval
  5. Fill in the forms and prepare a logo for your club (if you can’t , Campus Life will support you):
    1. Advisor Form
    2. Membership form
  6. Submit the forms before October 15 with a broadcasted budget and calendar of activities
  7. If all is in order, you will get an official approval by email, informing you about your rights and rules you have to follow.
  8. After that, an email will be sent to all students informing them the opening of the club and how to be a member
  9. Once your activity and budget are approved; prepare an announcement and action plan.
  10. After the activity is achieved, prepare a release
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