Gym room equipped with the latest equipment for fitness and bodybuilding, such as cardio equipment, weight machines, free weight, bikes, cross machine, and treadmill machine. The Gym is under the supervision of highly trained specialists in the field of fitness and sports, who can provide an appropriate nutrition program for the university students, faculty members and staff.

GYM Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations have been established for the safety, benefit and enjoyment of all users of the Gymnastic Room. Users are requested to observe these rules and to obey the instructions of the staff on duty.

GYM Rules

  1. Don’t use the Gym Machines without Gym trainer instructions.
  2. Show your PMU ID to the GYM trainer before start playing. (Not allowed without it).
  3. Keep your Mobile Silent or on vibration mode.
  4. Wear your Sport Training cloths.
  5. Use your own towels.
  6. Try not to drop weights on the floor. Noise will startling, it could bounce or roll and harm someone.
  7. Put the equipment’s back where it belongs after use.
  8. When you use the Mirror to observe the training form, don’t block the view when you pick up or return the weights.
  9. Don’t “Take over” a machine you aren’t currently using by relaxing on it or putting your things on it.
  10. Keep your shirt on, even if you feel warm or needs to admire your gleaming muscles on a mirror.
  11. Wipe off Benches and Machines after using them.
  12. Don’t
    1. Make a miss in the locker room. (Clean it up).
    2. Leave puddles of water on the sink piles of paper towels on the floor.
    3. Leave your cloths all over the bench while you’re showering.
    4. Insist on giving unsolicited advices. You don’t know what kind of program someone is on.
  13. Dry yourself off inside the shower stall.
  14. Take shower after your last workout.
  15. Keep your voices low.
  16. Smoking not allowed.
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